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This is a demo of my procedural music generation (or jammer) library, made for ProcJam 2015. It generates a song and strums along to it on a guitar.

You can get the code on GitHub. Feel free to use it, and the guitar samples, for any purpose you like. A credit would be nice if it winds up in something publically available :)

And if that something is the next Minecraft and you wind up with a couple of billion currency units you don't know what to do with, I will not mind at all if you give a few to me.

To continue with hopeful speculation, there are loads more things I'd like to do with this, and hope to continue development in the future. So check GitHub, maybe it's literally got more bells and whistles by the time you read this.


Generated song.ogg 2 MB


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Haha, wow, cheers!

Now that I've seen somebody cope with my lack of explanation: things above "start new song" aren't taken into account properly until you start a new song, and might make it sound weird until you do.

Oh, I think putting strum-miss chances at 50% is most interesting, should probably be the default eh?

Thanks, Jupi :)

(Edit: this is a reply to Jupi's below... Is itch.io all web 2.0 and upside down?)

Really cool!! I included it in my ProcJam compilation video series, if you'd like to check it out :)